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General Questions

No picture on screen and no sound from speakers?

  • Insert the AC power coad plug security in AC power socket.
  • Make sure the set is not in standby mode.
  • Turn on the power on the set.

No picture from AV terminal

  • Check the volume settings.
  • Make sure a cable with no video input signal is connected to the AV INPUT terminal.

Picture is displayed but no sound from the speakers.

  • Check the volume setting.
  • Make sure the sound is not muted.
  • Make sure the speaker is not turned off in sound menu.
  • Make sure that sound system is correct.

Picture is too light. Picture is too dark.

  • Make sure COLOUR and CONTRAST setting are proper.
  • Make sure BRIGHTNESS setting is not set too low. Check the BRIGHTNESS setting

Picture with no color but normal sound

  • Check color setting or the set and check color system.
  • Check if station is broadcasting color picture.

Incorrect position of picture in PC mode

  • Auto adjusts H/V position.
  • Manually trail to adjust HV position.

Popular Questions

Remote control does not work

  • Change the batteries.
  • Make sure the infrared transmitter window is not receiving strong light such as light from florescent lamps.

The picture is not sharp. The picture moves. Picture is snowy and noisy sound.

  • The reception may be weak try another channel.
  • The state broadcast may also be bad.
  • Make sure that the antenna is facing the right direction.
  • Make sure the outside antenna is not disconnected.

The Multiple image and normal sound

  • Try different channels if ok probably it is station problem.
  • Make sure the antenna is facing the right direction.
  • There may be reflected electric waves.

The picture is spotted or interference on picture and noisy sound

  • There may be interference from automobiles, trains, high voltage lines, neon lights etc.
  • There may be interference between the antenna cable and the power cable.
  • Try positioning them further apart.

Auto adjusts H/V position. Manually trail to adjust HV position.

  • Is the unit receiving interference from the other devices? Transmission antennas of radio broadcasting stations and noisy sound and transmission antennas of cellular phone.
  • Place the unit as far as possible from devices that may cause possible interferences.

Vertical bars or stripes on background in PC mode

  • Auto adjusts, try to adjust clock manually.

Horizontal noise in PC mode

  • Auto adjusts or adjust phase and clock.
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